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  • Limited to 5'000 MAUs
  • Limited to 1 App Key
  • Messaging API not available
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  • Starts at $0.01/ MAU. Volume discounts apply
  • Multiple App Keys
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  • Special conditions for educational, startups and NPOs

Guide to pricing for p2pkit

p2pkit has two basic plans, the Community Edition and the Pro Edition. The main differences between the two is that the Community Edition does not allow you to exceed the usage limit and to use the messaging API. The Pro Edition requires your billing details and is structured in such a way that you only pay for what you use on top of the Community Edition limit.

p2pkit charges for MAUs and MAAKs. The definitions and prices are mentioned below.


Monthly Active User (MAU):

Our basic unit of measurement is MAU. A user is counted as a MAU if, within a calendar month, p2pkit is enabled at least once. You are not charged for subsequent sessions or for inactive users within that calendar month. The uniqueness of a user is determined across the dimensions: UserID & BundleID & App Key.

App Key:

An App Key is created by you in the console and has two main uses:

  1. When p2pkit is „enabled” a Validation Request to our server is made validating the App Key and your account limits. Ultimately the App Key is what ties billable usage of p2pkit to your account hence, YOU MUST KEEP IT CONFIDENTIAL.
  2. An App Key also creates the separation between other p2pkit enabled apps preventing them from discovering each other.

Validation Request:

A Validation Request is triggered when p2pkit is enabled on a device. The request is sent to our backend to validate the App Key, BundleIDs and your account limits. The request includes additional information as specified in our Privacy Policy and forms the basis for calculating billable events.

Monthly Active App Key (MAAK):

An App Key is counted as MAAK if, within a calendar month, it had at least one successful Validation Request. You are not charged for subsequent Validation Requests or for inactive App Keys during that calendar month.


p2pkit can impose MAU and App Key limits on an account depending on your account type and settings. When a MAU Limit is reached, every consecutive and new-to-this-month MAU’s Validation Request will fail. For example, end-users that started your app before the limit will be able to use p2pkit also after the limit has been reached. End-users that try to enable p2pkit for the first time after the limit was reached will fail.

  • MAU limit counts against the total MAUs on your account and resets at the beginning of a calendar month. We will notify you via email when the quota reached 80% and 100% of the limit.
  • App Key limits simply mean that your account type is limited to creating X Nr of App Keys.

Billing Period:

p2pkit is a post-pay product. This means that at the end of the billing period we calculate your usage of the product and bill you for it.

Our billing period is set to a calendar month on the UTC time zone, for example: the month starts at „01.03.2016 00:00:00 UTC” and ends at „31.03.2016 23:59:59 UTC” regardless of your individual timezone.

Detailed Price Scheme:

  • The Community Edition is limited to 5'000 MAUs and 1 App Key
  • In the Pro Edition charges are based on MAUs and Monthly Active App Keys (MAAK), as shown below:
For the first 5'000 MAUs For any additional MAUs
$0 / MAU Contact us for a quote
Each Monthly Active App Key (MAAK) bears an additional costs as specified in your personal quote.

Last Updated: 18/05/2017
* please note that we may change our pricing plans and billable events. Changes will be posted on this page or on appropriate documents as necessary.