Welcome to p2pkit v2 (beta)

A peer-to-peer proximity SDK for iOS, macOS and Android.

With p2pkit, your app can discover nearby devices, estimate their range and seamlessly broadcast content to them.

p2pkit is cross platform! It's compatible with iOS, macOS and Android and supports several radio technologies (BLE, WiFi Direct). It is very lightweight and hardly consumes any battery.

You can configure p2pkit to beacon arbitrary information (discovery info) to nearby devices who will discover each other when in physical proximity.

Nearby devices are notified when a proximity event takes place and receive the identifier, discovery info (optional) and range estimation. Your app can then respond to this event in any way it chooses. For example: it can show a notification with a voucher for a coffee, the details of a delivery or the profile of that person you just met. When nearby devices update their payload or the range estimation changes, you are again notified and can take action. p2pkit is truly flexible!

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Check out the source code on Github

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