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What is p2pkit?

It is a Software Development Kit (SDK) for business owners and software developers to integrate proximity-based features into their products, services or mobile apps.

Where can I download p2pkit SDK?

p2pkit supports several platforms, please check out our quick-start guides here and download the right SDK for you.

How does p2pkit work?

Well, we’re magicians and just as any respectable magician, we cannot reveal our magic tricks. But don’t worry, this is no black magic ;-) More...

Can you tell me a bit more about p2pkit discoveries in background?

We do our best so that p2pkit works at all times, including when phones are in the pocket (screen off). It is our mission to stay on top of what’s possible and create the best discovery engine on the market. That said, More...

Can you tell me a bit more about how lost events work with p2pkit?

p2pkit will notify you when a previously discovered peer is considered lost. This happens for instance when the peer moved out of p2p radio range. Don’t expect, however, to have the information in real-time, it will take some time, and this, for good reasons. More...

What is the range and performance of p2pkit discoveries?

Whether you’re on a bus or train, at a fair or at the beach, you’ll be able to discover people you see directly and even beyond (those behind a wall). And, as soon as you enter a bar or conference room, you’ll discover everybody in just a few seconds. More...

Will it drain users’ battery?

We put a lot of effort into optimizing the battery and we can assure you that you (and your users) won’t even notice! More...

What types of apps can benefit from p2pkit?

Existing apps and, of course, new apps can benefit from p2pkit. More...

What are the main benefits of p2pkit compared to classical location-based technologies?

p2pkit is like an accurate and trustworthy 6th digital sense able to run continuously in a privacy-preserving way without your having to share your location all the time with a remote server. More...

A word about p2pkit privacy and security?

p2pkit uses UUIDs sent publicly over the air for nearby devices to discover each other. These UUIDs are randomly generated on the device itself when p2pkit runs for the first time and are non-personally identifiable by us (i.e. not associated to any personal data). The discovery info are also broadcasted publicly and transferred unencrypted. We hence recommend not sending any sensitive data through this means. It is up to you to add any additional safety layer and we highly recommend you to do so. For more information please refer to our Terms, License & Policies.

How does your technology compare to Wi-Fi Aware or LTE-Direct? Should I wait for those?

p2pkit already achieves what Wi-Fi aware promises and LTE-Direct is far down the road. So no, you should not wait for these technologies. You can start developing your proximity-based apps now! Get started with just a few lines of code (Quickstart Videos). More...

Are there any guidelines for using p2pkit within my app?

Although we have optimized p2pkit to run continuously in the background without impacting the battery, we recommend enabling p2pkit only when relevant for your users and when the use case requires it. More...

I want to submit my iOS p2pkit-enabled App to the App Store, do you have any guidelines?

We, and our first beta testers, went through this process and there are already a few apps using p2pkit in the App store. Just feel free to contact us and in most cases we'll provide you with some guidelines so that your app makes its way through smoothly.

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